Why 2023 School Placement Is Delaying: When It Will Be Released

BECE Social Studies Likely Questions with Excellent Answers - Set 2 GES bans 2023 BECE unqualified JHS students from registration: Heads in Trouble Will Private School BECE candidates Fail 2023 Exam As in 2022? Why 2023 School Placement Is Delaying? When It Will Be Released? check out the possible reasons and the release date for candidates Fresh 2022 BECE updates for students, Timetable and BECE Advise

Graduates of the 2022 BECE and parents have become anxious and want to know why the 2023 School Placement Is Delaying and When It Will Be Released.

BECE candidates who wrote their exams in 2022 are still waiting for school placements list to come out. Some BECE graduates and their parents have complained about the seeming delay of the placements.

Without the placements, students can not be posted to their various senior high schools. It is also a point of anxiety since several candidates are expecting particular schools, depending on the grades which they have already checked.

Why 2023 School Placement Is Delaying? When It Will Be Released?

Here are some emerging reasons why the 2023 SHS placement is delaying.

1. Date in which BECE results were released.

2022 BECE results were released in late January, 2023. The Ghana Education Service does the school placement using mainly, the aggregates of the students. Since the results came few weeks ago, Ghana Education Service will need ample time for the placement to be released.

2. A lot more students are going to SHS this year

This is good news as more and more students are benefiting from the free senior high school policy. This year, a significant more people who completed JHS will be going to SHS, especially because it is free. For this reason, school placement will eventually take more time to make sure that each student is properly placed in senior high school.
GES will have to consider schools’ infrastructures before the placement is done, and this takes time.


The Ministry of Education has announced that 2023 school placement for 2022 BECE graduates will be released before the close of February, 2023. This means students should expect to be placed in various Senior High Schools of TVET institutions by the close of February.

This was said by the Public Relations Officer of the Ministry, Kwasi Kwarteng, during a conversation Monday.

According to him, the Ministry is working effectively and is looking forward to releasing the placements by the end of February.

“The Ministry of Education is working very hard to make sure that we release the placement very soon. Hopefully, within the coming weeks, the placements should be ready.”

Adding to that, he stated that “the date has not been agreed upon yet, so I can’t be emphatic, but it’s surely going to be this February.”

For this reason, BECE candidates are to note the following important information:

Important Message To All 2022 BECE Graduates Waiting For Their School Placement

1.  Parents are advised to start preparing for the purchase of provisions and other requirements for their children.

2. Also, prospective Senior High School students, parents/guardians and the general public are hereby cautioned against any form of payment to unscrupulous individuals, offering to secure their preferred choice of school during the 2023 Computerised School Placement into Senior High/TVET Schools

3. School Placement is free. The Senior High School you will be placed will not charge you any fees. However, you may be given some items to buy as part of the items in the school’s prospectus.

4. School rules and regulations is quite similar to that of the Junior High Schools. Discipline is key. Lateness to school or to class is prohibited.

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5. Students who are interested in STEM education are entreated to visit the placement website (www.stem-ssp.com.gh) to select their schools of interest accordingly.


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