Whatsapp Users Can Now Edit Messages; Here’s How To Do It


WhatsApp has finally launched a new Edit button feature which helps users to edit ‘sent messages’ in an interval of 15mins. This is a very useful feature as one now won’t be required to delete full messages as the edit button will let you correct sentences or words. Here is how to use WhatsApp’s new Edit button feature

How to edit messages sent by mistake

Step 1: Open WhatsApp app and go to any chat.

Step 2: Just long press on the message that you sent by mistake.

Step 3: You will now get an Edit Message option, which you need to tap on to change the text. Your work is done now.

Note: Do keep in mind that the messaging platform will give you only a 15-minute window to let you edit your message. After this, you won’t have any option to make changes and you will have to delete the message if you accidentally make a mistake in your text.

Why Would You Want To Edit WhatsApp Messages?

So, you’ve just sent a message on WhatsApp and realize you made a mistake. For example, if you initially sent a too sarcastic message, you can edit it to make it more friendly

Editing WhatsApp messages can be a way to have some fun. Change a message to say something silly, or add a funny emoji. You can even change a message to all caps for emphasis

Make sure to edit the message before the other person sees it but you don’t know how. As we noted earlier, this editing feature may only be available to some users only.

How To Delete WhatsApp Messages

Let’s assume editing the messages may take a lot of time. In this case, you can delete messages from the chat and send a new message. Deleting messages can also help when you accidentally send a message to the wrong person. There are a few ways to delete WhatsApp messages.

  • The easiest way is to open the message, then long-press on it and choose “Delete” or tap the recycle bin icon.
  • To delete multiple messages, select multiple messages from a conversation.
  • Choose an option that is suitable for you. For example, press “Delete for everyone” to delete the message from your and the receiver’s WhatsApp inbox.

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