TUC tells government to not touch their pension fund


The general secretary of the traders union congress (TUC),has told the government to not include their pension funds in the Domestic Debt Exchange program.


According to Dr Yaw Baah, it’s the duty of the Union to make sure their pension funds are safe from the Domestic Debt Exchange program and it’s their ultimate priority to do so.


“We want to remind the government that,the memorandum of understanding which have signed in the year 2022,is clear that the government will not include any pension fund in the Domestic Debt Exchange program and it’s still the same and remain like that”.


“So, Mr President,we plead you to not touch our pension funds”.


The general secretary has also made known that,the government has promised to pay the pensioners who have not received their bonuses yet.


“It’s good to hear something like this than never”,he said.


The international labour day which which we also celebrate on May 1 every year, took place in the Upper East region of Bolgatanga.


The president of Ghana was present at the celebration with other great state men.

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The finance minister Ken Offori Atta pleaded with the board of trustees of pension funds to allow their pension funds to be included in the Domestic Debt Exchange program .


According to a letter released by the minister of finance,the debt restructuring program is to ease the burden on the government and to also compensate the pension funds the value of their current form.

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This was released after the Organize Labor rejected the inclusion of their pension funds into the debt restructuring program by the government.



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