Sad: One Week Celebration For Musician Akwaboah’s Father Finally Observed.


Akwaboah Senior’s Death: Family Gathered For The One Week Observation. photos From The Scene Drops.

Death is inevitable and everyone will taste death. We came naked on this earth and we will surely go back the same. The family of highlife Musician Kwandwi Akwaboah gathered to mourn their valuable asset.  Life is full of unexpected events and we must always prepare because we don’t know when misfortune will strike. There is a general statement that indicates that sometimes misfortune also loves shining marks. Highlife Musician Kwadwo Akwaboah is very creative when it comes to music. He is very talented and he was able to transfer and impact his talents into his son named Akwaboah Junior.

Mr. Kwadwo Akwaboah has left a big mark on his son and a greater responsibility has been drawn on him. It was about a few weeks ago that the death of Kwadwo Akwaboah was announced to the general public. It is noted that Mr. Kwadwo Akwaboah battled with a short illness and hence he could not make it.

It is sad for the nation to have lost such a great icon and a talented musician like Mr. Kwadwo Akwaboah. The family is in love with him and his fans in general cannot stop weeping over his demise.

Misfortune loves shinning Marks and indeed a great asset is gone and the family and Ghan

Just as it is mostly done,  the family schedules the week’s observation to mourn Akwaboah Kwadwo on the 30th day of May 2023. The week observation has been held for the late veteran highlife musician, Kwadwo Akwaboah Snr. Alot of celebrities were present to show their love to Akwaboah Junior and his family.

It was noted that even just recently, Akwaboah Junior has been featured in a song by Strongman titled  “Odo Nkoaa”. Our very best condolences to Akwaboah Jnr and the entire family.

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