Don’t stop public schools from adminsitering end-of-term examination – GES told

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GES must not issue a press release to stop end-of-term examinations in public schools. This is the latest call on the managers of education at the Pre-tertiary level.

All public and private basic schools are getting ready for the end-of-year examination. It is important to call on the GES not to attempt to issue any press release to stop end-of-term examinations in public schools.

The GES has failed to offer any meaningful reasons that meet 21st-century education best practices for its reasons to halt the conduct of end-of-term examinations in public schools.

Per the GES directive, teachers are to use other means of assessing and preparing the learner’s end-of-term reports such as project work, home works among others.

Last year, the GES released a late presser that asked heads of schools and teachers not to charge exam fees for the conduct of end-of-term examinations. However, if parents are not paying fees per the policy and the GES is not financing examinations at the basic school, then the call for examinations not to be paid for in public schools will not work.

The GES has failed to finance public schools with resources to assess their learners at the end of the term.

Heads must be allowed to collaborate with parents in ensuring that learners in public schools are assessed. Parents must be allowed to finance the examination of their wards since the government has failed to show commitment toward the examination.

The government does not have the moral right to call on schools and heads not to charge examination fees when it has failed to finance end-of-term examinations.

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Once parents are ready to pay and the government is not willing to finance the end-of-term examination, it must be conducted for learners in their best interest and not the interest of the GES, which has yielded no positive outcomes.

If learners in private schools from KG to JHS are examined and the government cannot ask them to stop charging fees, then children of other Ghanaians in public schools also deserve to be assessed at the end of the year.

Allow head teachers and teachers in public schools to find innovative ways within their schools to solve the problem if the government cannot finance the examination.

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The second-term examinations were successfully carried out, even with the release of a presser attempting to halt it at the last minute. Any move to do the same as we get ready for the third term examination will yield no results.

GES must allow public schools to run their end-of-term examination in peace.



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