One Person Died From Suspected Waakye Poisoning – FDA Confirms

Yellow Sisi Waakye Joint, Credit: Samuel Tei Adano

Only one person is believed to have died from suspected food poisoning at Oyibi Bush Canteen Junction in Accra, according to the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA).
This comes after allegations of possible food poisoning at the well-known “Yellow Sisi” restaurant in Oyibi prompted the FDA to launch an inquiry.

In a report made public by the Authority on Friday, it was also disclosed that a total of fifty-three persons showed signs of a foodborne illness after dining at the restaurant known as “Yellow Sisi.”

“Investigations revealed that a total of fifty-three (53) people experienced symptoms of foodborne disease after consuming waakye or plain rice and tomato stew from a food vendor called Yellow Sisi located at Bush Canteen, a suburb of Oyibi. So far one (1) person has been reported dead, but the exact cause of death is yet to be confirmed,” the FDA said.

The operations of “Yellow Sisi” have also been put on hold by the Authority until steps have been taken to guarantee that their operations are brought into compliance to stop such incidents in the future.

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