No Man can stop the National Cathedral Project – Reverend Randolph-Koranteng

The National Cathedral, Ghana

A Pastor of the Harvest Chapel, Reverend Edward A. Randolph-Koranteng said in an interview with Ghana News Agency that if the National Cathedral was inspired by God, no man or entity can stop it.

About the Tower of Babel, Reverend Randolph-Koranteng spoke about the great confusion God caused in Babylon when the people went against His will.

The Reverend, however, stated that the construction of the National Cathedral is not easy for the nation.

The 2,000-year-old St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome was used as an example to further clarify this.

The Basilica was constructed by Emperor Constantine amidst opposition.

According to Reverend Randolph-Koranteng, the building of the National Cathedral will be successful no matter the number of controversies connected to it.

But like the Great Tower of Babel, the project will be unsuccessful if it is against the will of God.

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