How A Woman’s Sexual Activity Can Help Her Go Into Labor


It’s only natural to be excited about the birth of your child if you’ve reached the full-term stage of your pregnancy, and it’s also natural to be wondering about whether or not intimacy might assist start labor. Here is the information that you require to know:

Many women who are expecting a child are getting to the point in their pregnancies when they can’t wait to finally meet their child and be done with the difficulties and discomforts associated with pregnancy. After enduring a variety of aches and pains for at least nine months, it is reasonable that you are prepared to go on to the next step.

As the day of your expected delivery gets closer, you might start to wonder when labor will start and whether there are any natural ways to speed it up. This begs the question, though: may physical contact bring on labor? Continue reading to see what medical professionals have to say about utilising intimacy to start labor and what you should take into consideration before adopting this method.

According to Medicalnewstoday, it has been recommended for a long time that engaging in intimate behaviour during the later stages of pregnancy might assist induce labor at home. Some logic supports this piece of advice.

Prostaglandins are hormone-like molecules that are found in semen. When a woman has intimate contact with a man, her body produces these prostaglandins.

It is believed by researchers that these prostaglandins play a role in the ripening of the cervix, which is essential for the cervix to soften and dilate, which in turn leads to the beginning and advancement of labor.

In the process of inducing labor, doctors frequently make use of synthetic prostaglandins to ripen the cervix.

Although sperm can play a role in the process of the cervix opening up and becoming more dilated, it does not automatically cause labor to begin.

In general, it is helpful to engage in intimate behaviour towards the end of your pregnancy since it has the potential to make your cervix more responsive to contractions once you are really in active labour.

The hormone oxytocin, which is responsible for the contractions of labor, is released when a couple engages in intimate behaviour. During the peak of the experience, oxytocin is also released, which helps to contribute to the pleasant feelings that are felt.

According to Medicalnewstoday, because oxytocin produces uterine contractions, some women can experience cramps after engaging in sexual activity.

A study that was carried out in 2015 revealed that there may be a connection between engaging in sexual activity in the final week of pregnancy and the beginning of labor.

In addition, a small study that was conducted in 2006 indicated that participating in intimate behaviour while pregnant was connected with a decreased requirement for induction of labor at 41 weeks.

Before using any measures to bring on labor, you should make sure to discuss your options with your primary care physician. They can offer individualised direction and watch out for your safety as you move forward.

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