Green Ghana Day: Akufo-Addo reaffirms dedication to safeguarding environment

Green Ghana Day: Akufo-Addo reaffirms dedication to safeguarding environment

President Akufo-Addo has reaffirmed his government’s unwavering commitment to environmental protection, emphasizing the importance of the Green Ghana project’s success. He asserted that the preservation of natural resources and the safeguarding of the environment are vital in combating climate change within the country, and he called upon every citizen to contribute to these efforts.


During the annual Green Ghana Day tree planting event held at the University of Ghana, President Akufo-Addo expressed his determination to explore various avenues to enhance the country’s forest cover through afforestation and reforestation programs. Additionally, he emphasized the significance of community-based management and conservation initiatives in protecting Ghana’s precious natural resources.


Addressing the attendees, the President urged all Ghanaians to actively participate in the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources’ ambitious goal of planting 10 million trees per day. He encouraged individuals to take a seedling and personally plant it, ensuring its growth and contributing to the overall mission.


Furthermore, the Minister of Lands, Samuel Abu Jinapor, provided assurance that the trees planted during previous editions of the Green Ghana project have thrived and are flourishing. He urged Ghanaians to continue nurturing these trees to ensure their maturity. He revealed that 23 million trees from the first two editions of Green Ghana Day have survived, and this year’s goal is to surpass this number by adding an additional 10 million trees.


Minister Jinapor highlighted the ongoing support from the Ministry of Lands and the Forestry Commission in caring for these trees. He called upon all citizens to take individual responsibility for nurturing trees in their homes, offices, and communities to ensure their growth into maturity.


In line with the Green Ghana Day tradition, Minister Jinapor assured the availability of an ample supply of seedlings, including timber species, Shea trees, ornamental trees, fruit trees, and multi-purpose trees. These seedlings are accessible at various offices of the Forestry Commission and other designated locations. He urged Ghanaians and residents of Ghana to collect these seedlings, plant them, and diligently nurture them to maturity.

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The President and the Lands Minister’s messages reiterated the government’s strong commitment to environmental protection, afforestation, and the Green Ghana project. By actively engaging citizens in the tree planting initiative, they aimed to create a collective effort to combat climate change and preserve Ghana’s natural heritage. The success of the project relies on the involvement and dedication of each individual in the country, fostering a shared responsibility for the environment’s well-being.

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