Government Initiates Transition From Textbooks To Laptops In Senior High Schools


Government initiates transition from textbooks to laptops in Senior High Schools

The Ministry of Education (MoE) which is under the guidance of the government, is making the necessary plans to introduce a significant amendment in Senior High Schools throughout the whole country. They plan to replace traditional textbooks that are used in the Senior High Schools with laptops with the aimof to enhancing teaching and learning experience for students. The laptops will be supplied with a range of educational materials which includes textbooks that will be utilized during the hours of lessons.

This was revealed by the Vice President during the 60th Anniversary celebration of the Hohoe Evangelical Presbyterian Senior High School in the Volta Region of Ghana.
The Vice President made an emphasis that, this kind of initiative is listed to be enforced before the end of this year, 2023 with the ideal objective of equipping the students to succeed in the global village.

If Ghana must move forward and develop in the right path, what we need to do is to invest in education which is the only medium for preparing nation builders for tomorrow.

‘The Minister of Education has also given me assurance that, this year we will begin the textbook replacement with laptops that have textbooks which are already embedded in Senior High Schools,’ this is according to Dr Bawumia during the festivity.

According to the Vice President, Dr Bawumia, making investment in education is relevant for moving the country forward in the right direction. Education serves as the important medium for preparing the future nation builders in the country. He further stated that the Minister in charge of Education has given him assurance that the replacement of textbooks with laptops, which forms part of embedded textbooks will begin this year in the various Senior High Schools in the country.

This innovative action follows the current launch of the project, one-teacher one-laptop on the 3rd day of September 2021 by the government of the Republic of Ghana. The initiation of the project aims to give ultramodern materials for teaching at the Senior High School, through easing effective teaching and learning. As at on the 11th day of December 2021, the Ghana Education Service came out with a report that, 80 percent of the laptops which were specifically designated for teachers had formerly been distributed to the teachers.

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