2022 BECE School Choice Verification and 3 Tips to Get Verified

2022 BECE School Choice Verification and 3 Tips to Get Verified. Parents and students should check this and take action to verify their schools

It is an undeniable reality that parents and students have divergent challenges with the 2022 BECE School Choice Verification.

In this suggestion-focused write-up, we will focus on what the issues are and recommend some ideas to help parents and students solve the problems.

While some have received tokens, others are yet to. Some have tokens that are invalid, while many more have errors or wrong wrongs captured compared to what was selected.  Now consider the following recommendations.

2022 BECE School Choice Verification and 3 Tips to Get Verified

#1. Parents and students who are yet to receive their verification token or have not been able to verify the schools should do their best to visit their Basic schools. The basic schools would have the school selection forms as well as the ones they entered, printed, and loaded onto the school choice portal.

The schools should be able to assist in cross-checking the schools.

#2. If you got the token and successfully checked the schools online, but have an issue with it, we advise that you contact the Junior High School your ward completed. It is only the school that can make the necessary corrections. However, parents and guardians should note that school verification is not an opportunity to change schools or make new choices. It is to make legitimate corrections ahead of the placement of students into their respective schools.

#3. Where the token you received is also not enabling you to access the schools, it will be prudent that you report to your school and the officer or teacher in charge of the BECE registration. They will be able to help you cross-check the schools from their database.

Finally, where the phone number used has been blocked by the NCA, you cannot receive the token to proceed. Again, get in touch with the school for help.

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Junior High Schools from which the students’ graduate must be of good service in helping students and parents to verify their school choices. This will help such schools to avoid being blamed in the future if the school placements are out and a parent finds a school that was not selected for the student on the placement form.

Parents and students are urged to be proactive and to get in touch with the basic school the student graduated from for assistance.

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We hope this post on 2022 BECE School Choice Verification and 3 tips to get verified has been helpful. Take action now!


Source: Wisdom Hammond | GhanaEducation.org


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