Leadership styles to grow your business for grass to grace

5 Leadership styles to grow your business for grass to grace

If you are a business owner, you must be interested in the 5 Leadership styles to grow your business from grass to grace just like new owners and would-be entrepreneurs.


New businesses and old ones alike need owners who have the right leadership frame of mind to grow their business from grass to grade.


Are you a business owner? If you answered yes, then you need a leadership style to grow your business. If you are considering owning a business, you equally have to develop your leadership styles to help your business succeed.


To effectively achieve the business goals and aspirations, you need to adopt a strategy to be able to maximize your output. These are the leadership style that you can adapt to achieve your target and goals.

5 Leadership styles to grow your business for grass to grace

Let us take a look at the leadership skills for growing your business.


# 1: Democratic: Leadership style to grow your business

This type of leader achieves results by involving the individual in the decision-making. He tries to solicit human resource advice and tries to involve everyone in the process.


#2: Visionary leader/Transformational leader

This type of leader foresees the future and tries to maximize the output of the organization to fit in the present and the future. He develops plans to be able to exist from generation to generation. Such leaders or workers have foresight. They can project the good or bad that is likely to happen and take decisions to deal with them. Business owners must be visionary and transformational in nature. They must also be able to bring others on board to see the good in the decisions they make. Motivating your workers to give off their best, training them and providing the requisite skills, and letting them see the bigger picture and where the business is going will compel them to give off their best for the growth and success of the business.


#3: Caretaker Leader

This type of leader sees himself as a caretaker of the institution. He tries as much as possible to take good care of the institution to be able to prove well to his superior that he is capable. Such leaders are worth having in-charge because they can be very dedicated to duty and hold the fort when the owner is absent. They do not want things to go bad when the owner is away. If you have such a worker, motivating him or her will continue to bring the best out of him or her.


#4: Timid Leader

This leader is not active. He does things so slowly and always procrastinates things which delays operations. He is not quick in action. Furthermore, he is always late in the performance of his work. Such leaders may fail to take decisions at the right time and cause the business to lose money or fail to make profit. To grow your business, look for employees or workers who are proactive, result-oriented, confident, and resourceful. These are the people with the needed leadership qualities your business needs to grow.


#5: One Man-shoe Leader

This leader wants to perform everything by himself. He sees every work as his or her responsibility. He/She always wants to please his/her superior for them to know that he is hard-working, but business collapse when he is not available. It is dangerous to build and develop your business around such persons. The day they exit or are not around, the work may not be done. Lead such persons as a business owner,  by ensuring that you share work among your staff. Do not leave this kind of worker to do all the work.


#6. Authoritarian Leader

This type of leader uses human authority to achieve organizational goals. Business leaders who are authoritative very often have less concern for work and so much concern for the work. This leadership approach cannot get things done all the time in business. Applying it all the time can lead to the abuse of workers’ rights if care is not taken. The business leader needs to be tough, but he or she must have a human face as well.  Thought results are achieved, but due to his authoritarian style, the subordinate performs work with fear and insecurity. This will result in animosity among the workers. Some workers will pretend to give off their best and may soon leave.

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# 7: I don’t Careerism Leader

This person doesn’t care about anything that is going wrong in the organization. He doesn’t want to take responsibility for anything. When business is going down, he sees nothing wrong with the operations and will not take prudent measures to curtail them. Such a leadership approach will lead you, your business falling to the ground without you knowing. Things will happen at your blindside because you have left your business on its own. You need to be interested in everything that goes on in your business.

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Now that you know the 5 Leadership styles to grow your business for grass to grace. Which ones describe your strength or weaknesses? Work hard to improve and deal with your weaknesses as a leader and develop the needed skills to help you succeed in your work and business.


Source: GhanaWebNews.Org | Sam Emmanuel

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