“Be Calm” – Dr. Ato Forson to NDC Members

Dr. Ato Forson

As the party strives to win the 2024 General Elections, the newly appointed Minority Leader, Dr. Casiel Ato Forson, has urged restraint among the caucus’s membership and the greater National Democratic Congress (NDC).

Only two years after the elections, the opposition party’s move to rearrange its front row in parliament has sparked outrage.

According to Dr. Forson, the members of the party should maintain their composure. Their parliamentary representatives are in good hands

Dr. Forson claimed that under his leadership, the government will be forced to downsize in order to better reflect the sentiment of the nation and live within its means.

Dr. Forson, the minority leader, stated that he would hold the government accountable and prudent in order to make sure that the common Ghanaian benefited from the democratic road the nation has embraced.

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