Bawumia Campaign Branded Pick-Ups Belong To Private Persons Who Support Him – BMW Clarifies


Bawumia Must Win (BMW), a collection of New Patriotic Party Youth Groups that support the presidential ambitions of Vice President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia, has disputed claims of misbehaviour in the mobilisation of vehicles for campaigns.

The organisation known as Bawia Must Win (BMW) is lending its support to the vice president’s campaign for the presidency.

Images of pickup vehicles that have been branded with campaign photos of Dr Mahamudu Bawumia have gained a lot of traction, and it is thought that a significant number of these vehicles were purchased using funds granted by the state.

Reports indicate that members of the National Democratic Congress, including some members of parliament, were the ones who initially brought forward the charges, which have subsequently been disproved by a faction of the New Patriotic Party that is on Bawumia’s side.

The leadership of the group issued a statement in which they indicated that the autos had been donated by private individuals who had subscribed to the aspirations and presidential prospects of Dr Bawumia. In the statement, the leadership of the organisation also stated that the automobiles had been provided by private individuals.

“The number of branded pick-ups is Six (6), not One-hundred (100) as alleged and Publicised by the NDC Member of Parliament for South Dayi, Hon. Rockson Dafeamekpor and his collaborators.”There are a total of Six (6) branded pick-ups, not One Hundred (100) as previously stated.

The automobiles (Pickup trucks) in question were neither bought, branded, nor paid for by Dr Mahamudu Bawumia nor his campaign office.

Neither party was involved in their acquisition. They were carried out by an unauthorised third party. “The vehicles were not and could not have been purchased with proceeds from a yet-to-arrive IMF Funds as mischievously put out by the NDC and asserted by the internal saboteurs,” the statement continued. “The NDC is playing with fire.”

“The vehicles were not purchased, nor could they have been bought, with proceeds from an amount of IMF Funds that have not yet arrived.” Additional details were provided, one of which read, “The vehicles belong to a group of individuals who believe and share in the vision of Dr Bawumia.” When the campaign is done, the vehicles are going to be used, and then they will be returned to the people who originally owned them.

The organisation issued a statement claiming that the accusations and allegations that have been made against the Vice President are repulsive and ought to be ignored. In addition to this, they added that “Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia remains Focused, and will not be distracted by negative commentary by political desperados.”

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