2023 GES Recruitment Of Teachers With Degree Or Diploma In Education


2023 recruitment of teachers with degree or diploma in education

The Ghana Education Service( GES) has given a notice of the beginning of the highly anticipated 2023 recruitment of Teaching Staff. This recruitment process presents a great opportunity for all individuals who have a degree or a diploma in education to be part of the dynamic field of education. In this article, will give you all the essential details and guidelines in so as to ensure a successful application process.

Relevant Dates For The 2023 GES Recruitment

The required process of recruitment for the Teaching Staff will start on Monday, 29th day of May, 2023. The actual date for the opening of the portal for recruitment of the Teaching Staff will also be available on Monday, 5th day of June, 2023. It’s vital to mark Monday, 12th day of June, 2023 as the end date for completing the process of application. Candidates should make it a point to meet the deadlines in order to seize this promising opportunity for Ghana Education Service( GES) recruitment of teaching staff.

Qualifications Demanded For GES Teaching Staff

In order to be eligible for the Ghana Education Service( GES) recruitment, interested candidates must have in their possession, a degree or diploma in education. This academic background demand helps to make sure that there’s the necessary pedagogical knowledge and certain skills in order to surpass as teachers who are within the education sector. Candidates should therefore make sure they meet this educational demand before going through the process of application to be considered as a teaching staff.

The GES Recruitment Portal Accessibility

The Ghana Education Service( GES) recruitment portal will therefore be opened for recruitment on Monday, June 5, 2023 in order to allow interested candidates to submit their various applications for consideration. In addition, candidates should make sure that they’ve a strong and stable internet connectivity and again, have the necessary documents and information available for a smooth application process. Don’t miss out on this long-awaited opportunity to join the honored Ghana Education Service( GES).

Guidelines And Procedures For Application

When going through the application process for the Ghana Education Service( GES) position for Teaching Staff, candidates are expected to make sure they precisely follow the guidelines given by the Service in order to have a successful submission of application. Candidates are again urged to be cautious to the required fields, documentation and any other required additional information that may be requested. during the application. Applicants should present their various qualifications, gests and what they have been achieved in a clear and precise manner in order to make a strong impression for consideration.

Seizing the Opportunity For Teaching Staff openings

For candidates getting the opportunity to become a member of the Ghana Education Service( GES) Teaching Staff, offers provocative career prospects within the field of education. As an educator under GES, you will play an important part in shaping the future of Ghana’s youths as well as contributing to the development of the nation. Embrace this chance of being considered a teaching staff under Ghana Education Service to make a meaningful impact and inspire young minds in the country.

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