2023 GES Guidelines To Qualify For Study Leave With Pay


Guidelines for GES study leave with pay

2023 GES Guidelines To Qualify For Study Leave With Pay New GES recruitment SCAM: GES releases important disclaimer Teacher unions to call off strike over new GES DG: Check Date

There is minimal number of years of service and other important conditions that are needed for teachers under Ghana Education Service in order to qualify for off time to pursue further education while at the same time receiving their salary.

A study leave with pay in the field of the teaching fraternity refers to a time period whereby a teacher is granted leave from their regular duties of teaching in order to pursue further education, training or exploration in their field, with the assurance of uninterrupted payment during their absence. This means that, it is the situation by which a teacher is given time away from the classroom to concentrate on their studies or research while at the same still receiving their monthly salary.

For a teacher to qualify for Study Leave With Pay, a staff member of Ghana Education Service must serve three years of satisfactory service. Upon the end of the study leave, the beneficiary must serve a bond for some number of years that he or she served at the institution plus one year.

2023 Guidelines For GES Staff Members To Qualify For Study Leave With Pay


On the other hand, staff members who have served in such a designated deprived areas for at least two( 2) years may qualify for the Study Leave With Pay. Again, graduate non-professional teachers must have served for at least one( 1) year before being qualify for any of the offered Post Graduate Diploma in Education course.

Every members of staff who are returning from secondment must also serve as little as two( 2) years before becoming qualified for the Study Leave with Pay. Also, staff members who vacate or leave the service and are latterly re-appointed or re-engaged must also make up with their minds to serve a minimum of five( 5) years before being becoming eligible for Study Leave With Pay.

Staff members who who qualify must have a minimum of two( 2) years to also render themselves to serve after the course. It should be noted that, all staff members who are 55 years old and over can not apply for Study Leave With Pay to pursue a course lasting four( 4) years or further. Rather, they can apply to study a course with duration between one( 1) and three( 3) years.

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In order to be qualify for Study Leave With Pay, it is expected of every staff member to have good conduct and performance and be also be recommended by any of their supervisor. To apply for Study Leave With Pay, staff members should gain application forms from the Metro/ Municipal/ District Education services, accomplish four of the copies of the application form and enclose two copies of their original certificates. Application should then be submitted to the Regional Director through the Metro/ Municipal/ District Director/ Head of Institution( 2nd Cycle).

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Lastly, the Regional/ District Directors should also make sure that the list of all applicants who are fully qualified heirs reaches the Human Resource Management and Development( HRMD) at the Headquarters of Ghana Education Service.

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