2022 BECE Candidates Are Lazy, Just Check What They Are Doing Online

2022 BECE Candidates Are Lazy, Just Check What They Are Doing Online

The 2022 BECE registration just started on 3rd May 2022 but from all indications, one will not be wrong to say 2022 BECE candidates are lazy, and that parents, guardians and the public should expect more of these students to fail the BECE in October.

Many schools will be stating their mock examinations from Monday, 23rd May. Mock examinations are always good because, they offer students, schools and parents an opportunity to test the readiness of the students for the main examination.

2022 BECE Candidates Are Lazy, Just Check What They Are Doing Online

Students in general are becoming lazy and are ready to find easy ways out. One will not expect  candidates to start looking for leaked mock examination questions, but the truth is that is the reality. Ghanaeducation.org continuous to be bombarded with calls and chats by JHS3 students who are looking for Apor. Instead of studying well, getting ready for the mock and testing their preparedness, 2022 BECE candidates have turned into lazy students and are chasing after District BECE Mock Questions, May 2022 BECE Mock questions among others.

How can you come on line, on Facebook,WhatsApp and other plaforms as a would be BECE candidate and be asking for apor for a mere mock? This is not normal. Have our students lost trsut in the abilities of their teachers to make them ready for the BECE?

The first question is, are schools really organizing mocks for their would-be-candidates to help them, or it has become a ritual which has lost its intended good intentions. If the latter is the case, then we must get ready for disaster. Yes, massive failure.

Mocks also offer teachers an opportunity to measure the results of their input based on results from the mocks, identify areas where their candidates are falling behind, individual and class strength per subject so that they can help them polish up, fill the gaps in their knowledge and get better grades mock after mock. Some schools organize mocks but fail to ensure teachers. Schools and teachers who do not analyse the performance of their students in mocks to identify pitfalls and to help correct them will end up presenting students who are not ready for the final examination administered by WAEC.

Trust me, if our current crop of students who are being prepared for 2022 BECE are looking for Apor just to do well in their mock, then we should be ready for fake and unrealistic performance in their mocks. Once they lay their hands on such materials and use them to prepare for their mock examinations, you can be sure that their performance will be encouraging.

2022 BECE Candidates Are Lazy, Just Check What They Are Doing Online

However, such an approach to getting ready for a major examination will lead to disaster because, it will not give us a true picture of the academic strength of these students. Based on the good results obtained with the help of leaked mock papers, schools may be chosen for students using their performance in the MOCK. If the main examination is conducted for these students, and they fail to perform well, or the outcome is below the mock results, they may not be placed in their preferred school choices and may even miss self placement if care is not taken.

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Our 2022 BECE candidates are lazy, and we should expect more to fail if we are not worried about this new trend. My advice to Schools, Teachers, Parents and Students getting ready for the WAEC administer examination should.

  1. Start preparing for the BECE without depending on leaked papers or Apor.
  2. Schools should ensure that teachers are motivated to dedicate extra effort towards getting students ready for the examination
  3. Schools should practice with mocks and ensure students are assessed under strict examination rules and conditions.
  4. Parents should access other mocks at home for their wards to get independent assessment for their wards. This way they can compare their ward’s performance in school organized mocks and others. For this, we recommend our Individual Home Mock for parents. This mock covers only core subjects and costs GHS99.00. Students can take this mock from home in any part of Ghana and the scripts submitted to us for marking and grading. The next mock starts on Friday 27th May 2022. Check the full details of this mock here [Ghana Education News BECE (May 2022 HOME Mock) – Register now!
  5. Students in JHS3 must be advised to believe in themselves, sit down and learn. The fun, playing and the fidgeting with mobile phones is become too common among JHS students and their earlier will deal with these are parents the better.
  6. Students should be helped to understand that mock examinations are to help reveal their strengths and weaknesses in each subject so that their teachers can help them improve. If students understand it this way, they will rather learn, do independent work and get the needed help to better improve their performance.
  7. School are advised to monitor students performace and this can be done using our free BECE Mock Performance Monitoring Downloadable Excel Software or check this as well GEN BECE Placement Pack: Get the new BECE School Choice Predictor

it si our free software for hlping schools to determine the category from which students can choose their forst four schools from using the MOCK results.

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Let us save the forseen troubles, 2022 BECE candidates are lazy, expect more to fail or work on them and let us change the narrative. We have five months before the 2022 BECE starts on in the second week of Ocotber. Let us get the right atittude, mindset and preparationstrategies well thought of for our students and help them excel.

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Students need to desist from all illigal acts such as seeking for apor while schools and teachers must become more committed toward producing excellent results without teaching students to engage in apor. If we give students the right education and preparation in our schools, they will not have any confidence in apor.



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